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How to Style Red

Red is a colour of power. It communicates confidence and as a bright, saturated colour, it often draws attention.

Thus, we can use red to portray authority and win respect.

Red dress for corporate settings
Livelle Dress, 2020 Vintage Collection

Among my customers, there are those who embrace red and those who avoid it.

But red does not have to be a colour we fear.

For those who are already a fan, you can pair it with neutrals like black or white for a classic look. This is suitable for the workplace, and you can simply use a black suit or a pair of black shoes to balance the intensity with solemnity. White is softer, and can be worn as a blouse, with a red suit.

You can also mix it with other bold colours for a strong contrast. For instance, we can balance it with lemon yellow.

For those who are hesitant, we can include it in our wardrobe as an accent, like a scarf, belt or bag to brighten up our entire ensemble. This is a bite-sized approach that adds a pop of colour to any outfit.

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Red is a bright colour that can be easily incorporated in our dressing, to bring across the image and message that we can. Thus, styling is intentional and purposeful.

Here is wishing you wonderful ways of wearing this colour!

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