Our Values & Processes

CV 1 Love.jpg

~ Love ~ 


We believe in sharing what we have, however little it might be. We also believe in sharing from the heart, in the desire to bless and not to harm.


Offering free sewing training to disadvantaged ladies is our way of sharing. The brand exists as a means of enriching their lives through employment.


Hence, income through our products and services is instrumental in helping them. 

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~ Honour ~ 


We seek to have integrity in our word and deed. 

Ensuring we offer fair wages is something important to us, as we believe that everyone has a common dignity, regardless of background. 

Thus, we will feature beneficiaries when they are ready to be on a public platform. We respect their choice of confidentiality in view of any painful situation they could be in. 

CV 3 - Faithfulness.jpg

~ Faithfulness ~ 


We seek to produce pieces of excellence. As such, we hold ourselves responsible in finding fabrics, materials and processes that are of good quality and eco-friendly where possible.


Pre-order and zero-waste design minimise fabric waste. Leftover fabric will be recycled to make accessories.


For our self-designed fabric, digital printing is chosen as it does not use any water. Reusable packaging further reduces our carbon footprint. 

We may not be here 100 years later, but we want to do our part in ensuring our future generations have a better tomorrow.