Our Beneficiaries

How do we define "disadvantaged"? The lady could be unemployed, low-educated, have low income, be a single mother, marginalised or stigmatised. 


We are honoured to have started on a dressmaking class with ladies from Project X on a pro-bono basis in November 2019. It all began when I attended a training for non-profits held by National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) and sat next to the President of their Board in late 2019. As the host said he could see a collaboration between us, we were intrigued and started introducing ourselves. As we continued the conversation after the class, we soon felt a sense of common purpose. 

Project X reaches out to ladies in the sex industry and seeks to empower them. While it does not actively ask the ladies to leave the trade, it aims to equip them with the knowledge and ability to protect themselves from exploitation. 

Both the President and I hope that through the training, the ladies will have a skills set that can bring them to other job opportunities. Simultaneously, as they take positive steps, the society can also de-stigmatise against them.  

Sewing Class - L4.jpg

Dressmaking class at Project X - Lesson 4 where drafting is taught