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Our Beneficiaries

"Disadvantaged" could be someone unemployed, low-educated, have low income, be a single mother, marginalised or stigmatised. 


I started on a pro-bono dressmaking class with ladies from Project X in November 2019. I met their Board President at a National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) training and we felt a sense of common purpose. 

Project X empowers ladies in the sex industry with awareness and protection from exploitation

The President and I hope that the training would provide the ladies with other job opportunities. Simultaneously, as they take positive steps, the society can also de-stigmatise against them.  

Sewing Class - L4.jpg

Dressmaking class at Project X in 2019 to 2020 - Lesson 4 where drafting is taught

Children in an Orphanage at Thailand

In 2021, in view of Children's Day, we embarked on a Buy One, Gift One project. For every mask bought, we donated a child mask to an orphanage in Batam. We are delighted to report that we reached the goal of 41 masks!

The masks reached the children at Care Corner, Chiangmai in 2022. 


Our Local Tissue Sellers

In Dec 2021, for Christmas, we began on our Buy a Bag, Bless a Meal project. With the sale of each reversible knot bag that can be used for packing a takeaway lunch, we donated a meal to a tissue seller. Remembering that they have to brave the elements to earn their livelihood, we thought this was an apt way of reminding people to give a meal to others, even while they themselves have lunch.


Our target is 50 meals, and we have raised 33 meals till date.  

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