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Bespoke Collection

Bespoke Cheongsam

This lady wanted a new cheongsam to attend upcoming weddings. She saw our Carielle dress and loved the fabric.


We sourced for this navy blue floral fabric for her based on her liking, giving her three choices to make her decision from.


She attended the wedding and received many compliments, and she enthusiastically shared the picture with us. 


Thankful for the opportunity to dress her for the occasion! (2019)

This is for a lady who enjoys a loose fit silhouette.


She usually goes for dark or neutral colours but was game to try this new refreshing print.


She wanted something that could be used for formal occasions and requested for pockets, so I made in-seam pockets for her at the sides. (2019)

Bespoke Dress
Bespoke Dress

The lady who ordered this was drawn by a design I submitted earlier for a competition.


She likes the paneling effect and so I created something that is reminiscent of Chinese New Year while using black in duchess satin.


She wants the dress to wear for CNY next year and for it to double up as a formal event or dinner wear as well.


Hence, I added the Mandarin collar and chose a floral print that is close to CNY. (2019)

A friend asked if I could make fabric purses for her daughter's birthday party to be given to the guests.


Her request was for a cat or dog print and avoid Disney characters. I suggested this fabric as it would look good front and back as the design is bi-directional and the quality is better.


Though I earn lesser by using this fabric, I felt better as this would ensure a more pleasing outcome. (2020)

Bespoke Fabric Purses
Pink Batik Kisslock Bag

A friend knows someone who loves batik and wanted to bless her with two bags.


One was our green Dua Wama bag, and this is the customised piece to match her pink kebaya.


She requested for an elongated bag and to do justice to the fabric design, this is done specially for her. (2019)

A friend came to my pop-up at Orchard Green in October 2019 and saw my red vintage polka-dot dress.


She's not a floral person so she didn't quite take to the rest. But she liked the polka-dots so she requested for a navy blue piece that is big enough to hold her phone model.


This has received a number of compliments at my current pop-up at Christmas at the Fort from 19-22 December 2019, and has led to another customised order. (2019)

Elle Blue Kisslock Bag
Dua Wama Kisslock Bag

A lady was browsing our Shop page and was trying to decide on a bag.


After some discussion, she decided on the Dua Wama blue fabric with a square handle frame.


This was customised specially for her as the Dua Wama blue bag has not been made yet at that time though the fabric has been set aside for it. (2019)

A friend was at our Christmas pop-up in Dec 2019 and saw this fabric. Amongst the different ones available for a make-up kit, she chose this. 

Another friend also ordered this from our Shop page, together with an initial to be embroidered on it. Personalisation services are coming your way! (2019)

Favielle Make-Up Kit
Fabric Ring

A friend ordered a ring when we had our appreciation 20% discount in Oct 2019 to thank our Facebook followers for reaching 200 likes.


While showing her the ring, she decided to custom-make another one, to be made from the fabric for her jumpsuit, which I am currently working on.


This ring really looks like abstract art! (2019) 

Because of Covid, we were only able to resume our pop-ups in June 2022. This round drawstring bag was requested by a customer at this pop-up, as a gift to her friend. 


Round Drawstring Bag
Cheongsam Jumpsuit in Rayon

A customer at our Nov 2022 eco pop-up saw a Cheongsam Jumpsuit we had, and ordered this jumpsuit and requested for pockets. 

As she prefers something that requires minimal ironing, I opted for rayon while sourcing for the fabric. She also wanted something that can be worn beyond Chinese New Year, so I designed this to have a little touch of Cheongsam with the mandarin collar feature, while keeping the overall look modern and versatile. 

This way, she can wear this for a formal event with a silver clutch, or a more casual occasion with a sling bag. (2022)

We had a pop-up at Mandarin Gallery in Dec 2022, and a customer ordered this for her grandma. 

The shape of the bag was designed based on the vintage-looking kiss lock frame. It comes with a detachable gold chain, and is the perfect size for putting red packets as well as a handphone, etc. 

Hope that the grandma loves this as much as we making it! (2022)

Pink Batik Kisslock Bag
Blue Jumpsuit

At the same pop-up, a customer saw our Janielle Jumpsuit and wanted something similar. The length was customised to suit her frame, while I added pleats at the waistline to add a little room for comfort. 


She requested for polka dots specifically and I was happy to find this fabric on sale, helping her to save! (2022)

Another customer at our Dec 2022 eco pop-up wanted a bespoke make-up pouch as a gift for someone. I showed her the Japanese floral fabric we had, and she opted for this pretty pink piece. Happy that we helped bring a little Christmas cheer to someone! (2022)

Make up Pouch
Prosperity Rabbit Children's Dress

A customer at our One Raffles Quay pop-up in Dec 2022 saw our cheongsam dresses and ordered a matching set for herself and her daughter. 

2023 being the Year of the Rabbit, this print was apt to celebrate the year. This is for her daughter, made with a collar that is detachable and can be worn both-ways. 

A cute little dress was born! (2023)

This is ordered by the same customer above. She requested for a cheongsam dress for herself, and this is the one for her daughter. Interestingly, her daughter loves all things puffy, so this is designed with puffy sleeves and a full skirt with lots of gathers. 

Another cutesy piece! (2023)

Girl Red Dress
Red Cheongsam

This is what the customer opted for herself. A fitted cheongsam that hugs her curves without being too tight. A perfect piece for both day and night, with simple court shoes for the former and gold heels for the latter. 

A happy twinning set for both mother and child! (2023)

A customer at our May 2023 pop-up saw our cheongsams and wanted a bespoke piece. Her specifications were to (1) create a versatile piece and (2) wrinkle-free. 

We played with a contrast shoulder piece that is made with white pattern accent fabric, teamed with a navy blue bias tape and matching buttons. Both the white fabric and the blue buttons carry paisley designs similar to the blue dress. (2023)

Blue Cheongsam Dress
Bespoke Purple Draped Dress with Lining

A repeat customer from our pop-up last year wanted a dress and showed me the picture. This was made using the draping method, coupled with pattern-making for the back. 

While sourcing, I saw this rich, luscious purple stretch satin and knew it was the perfect piece for the look and feel she wanted. Furthermore, the colour and shine makes this piece suitable for dinner functions when dressed with diamonds or pearls. 

Happy to have found a smooth, silky lining of the exact same shade too! (2023)

A customer came for our Skin Colour Analysis, and saw this batik print that she liked. 

She requested for a fitted skirt with a side slit, and for the darker green to be at the front centre. The lighter green naturally became the accent on the front. 

I love how batik prints can be used in a versatile manner to create myriad possibilities, and how using certain print placements can yield a unique look for each customer. (2023)

Green Batik Skirt
Floral Cheongsam

A repeat customer wanted something reminiscent of Marks & Spencer dresses that is soft and comfy, so I created this piece based on defining her silhouette for her. ​

A V-neck helps to elongate the neck, while small flutter sleeves add an hourglass shape for her without being too bulky. As the fabric is a little sheer, I added a lining for her. 

It's bright and cheery, perfect for summer vibes! (2023)

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