Sustainability Series

Do you know we can help save the environment by using reusable cloth pads? I have personally tried this and have found it so much more comfortable than the disposable ones. Even if you have been using the cottony types, I assure you, the touch is of a cloth pad is feather-light in comparison. 

It is also relatively easy to wash and care for. What I do is to place it in a pail with some soap water and leave it to soak while I shower. After I am done, I pour away the soap water and scrub it if necessary. So far, it has been working fine. 

To motivate us, these reusable cloth pads can be found in pretty fabric! Who doesn't want a Kimmidoll print and feel beautiful from the inside-out? I fell in love with the black Kimmidoll print and got my liners for $15 for a pack of 3 to try. There are various sizes available and lots of designs to choose from.   

How about trying these amazing eco-friendly pads for yourself? And do our bit for the planet while at it ;) To order, please go to: 

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Oct 2019 #4.png
Oct 2019 #5.jpeg
Oct 2019 #3.jpeg