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Batik Collection

Arielle Dress - A surprise discovery at Kuala Lumpur, this fabric presents a pleasing mix of Japanese kimono and batik print

Arielle Dress is a knee-length A-line dress made from a special batik fabric found in Kuala Lumpur.


The unique print is a cross between Japanese kimono and Indonesian batik, offering an unusual take on the fabric used.


It can be paired with pearl earrings and a pair of white pointed shoes for that Saturdate with girlfriends or a summer day out. 

For our bespoke dressmaking service, please click the following button.

This Dua Wama Dress is a unique A-line dress that takes advantage of the two-tone batik print by having a colour contrast on the front and back.


Pair it with silver dangling earrings, a clutch and matching shoes for that special evening out.


For a more casual demeanour, try pairing it with our matching earrings, ring or clutch bags. 

For our bespoke styling service, please click the following button.

Dua Wama Dress - Featuring a baby blue front and an electric blue back, the two tones spring an unexpected surprise
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