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Skin Colour Analysis & Body Shape Analysis

Green Kathy - 10 April 2019

Alvina is patient and able to analyse your body shape and suitable colour. Glad to learn from her!


(Skin Colour & Body Shape Analysis).


Bespoke Designing & Dressmaking

Vicky Chan - 29 July 2019

Haven't had a dress tailor-made for a long time (Bespoke Designing). This time, the experience is special. My designer-dressmaker friend and I have been chatting informally about styles and material I like. They all ended in an outing to Arab Street. A first time experience for me. 

Didn't know that there is so much 学问 to choosing material. Thank God for a very experiences cloth-merchant on hand. Did you know that linen from different countries have different texture, softness, etc? And I thought all linen are the same. ;) 

What an awesome experience! Hey, how many people get to go shopping with your designer? :) 

Sewing Tutorial

Kah Yee - 26 Nov 2019

Alvina is very patient in teaching me how to sew by hand (Sewing Workshop). She takes the effort to understand what you wish to learn about sewing and then impart the different kind of stitches that you can use for different kinds of purpose. She will be by your side during the lesson to show you how to sew, and she will simplify the steps / instructions such that you will not get confused. 

She is a lovely person to talk to, I enjoy my time learning the different sewing methods and stitches from her. Do engage her services if you want to learn some simple yet different types of sewing and stitches you could do for minor alterations to your clothes such as making it smaller or adding pockets to your apparels :D

Bespoke Dressmaking

Daisy Sim - 19 Dec 2019

Good and very friendly service with excellent workmanship (Bespoke Dressmaking). Preview of product before taking action which is good. Will definitely recommend to friends. 

Bespoke Pouches

Cham Ser Yin Margaret - 19 Dec 2019

Alvina is creative. She proposed and managed the design of the purse thoughtfully considering how the pattern of the cloth will look on both sides. Good workmanship. (Bespoke Items)

William Tang - 19 Dec 2019

I've known Alvina for more than 2 years. She dresses well which reflects her dressing sense.


But she makes her own dresses meaning she's a competent dressmaker with a special in-born talents choosing the right materials for the right kind of fashion design. (Bespoke Designing & Dressmaking) 

Furthermore Alvina is not just any dressmaker, but a passionate fashion designer who takes pride in producing quality outfits to the satisfaction of her customers. Indeed Alvina is a rare breed of fashion designer cum dress maker. 

Guan Zhen - 19 Dec 2019

I like the Carielle design and bought the button earrings. It's a rose pattern wth black background. I could also feel the founder's passion for designing dresses and accessories that are a good fit with each individual. She takes the time to understand them and source for fabrics with the person in mind. Give it a go and have your own bespoke dress! (Accessories)

Bag & Sewing Tutorial

Christina Chua-Wadia - 19 Dec 2019

Had gotten a piece of the tailored made floral handbag recently, really nice and exquisite. It's the story behind each pieces Alvina made that intrigue me. Alvina's pieces are limited edition and specially chosen fabric. All are one of its kind. If those she made, are not to your taste, you can always get her to make one to your liking by choosing fabric and design to show her. She is a great listener, patient and meticulous. Alvina gives sewing lessons too and if you're interested can enquire from her. Her prices are reasonable and my experience with her was really warm and heartening. Thank you Alvina, I've gotten quite a few useful tips that saves me money and time. 😁 (Bag & Sewing Workshop)

Bespoke Cheongsam

Tracy Heng - 30 Dec 2019

"Hi Alvina - My sincere thanks for your prompt delivery of the Cheongsum which you were given less than one week. Your integrity, commitment and workmanship are truly commendable. I will not hesitate to recommend you to my relatives and friends who need a good Cheongsam tailor! With deep appreication, Tracy Heng, 30 Dec 2019 (Bespoke Dressmaking)

Bag-Making Workshop

Lynn Chua - 15 Feb 2020

Today I attended a Bag making class with teacher, Alvina. she is very patient n her instruction is very clear. Worth the fee. Thanks Al​vina. (Sewing Workshop)

Wendy - 18 Feb 2020

Love the bags. I am waiting to give one to a girlfriend for her birthday this month. (Bespoke Items)

Jasmine - 3 Feb 2023

Alvina was patient and knowledgable for colour and body shape analysis. For colour analysis, she put various colour shades against my skin and let me drape over some fabric to see the effect on my skin and complexion. She advised against certain shades of colours of clothes/jewellery as they would make me look washed out or unflattering. 


For body shape analysis, she helped to clarify doubts on my body shape and advised suitable neckline, waistline and cutting that would be flattering for my body. Additionally, she addressed other questions I had about clothes material and so on. 


Alvina is well-versed in custom tailoring and has strong background in fashion, hence you will be in good hands. I enjoyed my session very much, thank you! (Skin Colour Analysis & 

Body Shape Analysis)

Michelle N - 26 Jun 2023

I learnt so much from Alvina's Skin Colour Analysis workshop that was held at her lovely home. Alvina has a keen sense of detail and good knowledge of colour tone based on her extensive experience tailoring bespoke garments for women. Time with her was well spent and I left enriched on how to best bring out my skin colour with a variety of shades. (Skin Colour Analysis) 

Vincent C  - 3 Jul 2023

The bag made specially for my spouse was surprising elegant, though my wife said it was a little small (my bad)... nevertheless, the quality of stitch and finished product, exceeds my expectations. (Bespoke Item) 

L  Choo - 21 Sep 2023

Dear Alvina, thanks for the session today which helped to confirm and validate that the colours I select are still current. Also, thank you for the useful tips on how I can style my outfits. It was useful in helping me to curate and trim down my wardrobe as well (which is bursting). Lastly, the session was useful in helping me decide on suitable colours for jewellery. (Skin Colour Analysis & Bespoke Styling).  

Skin Colour Analysis

Chai Yee - 28 Oct 2023

Patient and clear explanation. I learnt that a right balance of contrast is harmonious and is able to brighten the skin. I like how Ms Alvina is able to point out the reason and identify the colour combinations that do not suit me. This has taught me how to look for colours that suit me. ​(Skin Colour Analysis)  

Kally - 13 Nov 2023

Fruitful session that helps to put helped grasp fundamental concepts when it comes to color matches and individual color analysis - helped reaffirmed some prior understanding but also open my eyes to concepts i did not understand or learnt about previously :) (Skin Colour Analysis) 

Kelly - 28Nov 2023

I had a pleasant colour analysis session with Alvina, where she was patient in explaining concepts and identifying colours suitable for me. She took time to find out my personal preferences and was easy to talk to. ☺️ (Skin Colour Analysis)

Bespoke Item

Catherine Ng - 2 Dec 2023

When my old Bible's cover was badly torn. I thought of Alvina. I have seen her Notebook and Journal cover and I like them all.  I got  Alvina to sew for me a demin cover for my Bible and a matching  pencil case.   Even though it was a small order she was meticulous in choosing the fabric and discussed the details .  I am very pleased with  both items.  Thank you for your beautiful work. (Bespoke Item)

Merl - 17 Jan 2024

Thank you Alvina for the thorough and detailed Skin Colour Analysis session! I have learnt a lot about the principles behind what suits my skin tone and what to avoid. I’m happy that I’m more confident on what I should spend my money on, rather than purchasing things that don’t suit me. Alvina also managed to answer my endless questions because I’m quite curious, she’s very patient! (Skin Colour Analysis)

Puay Leng - 21 Jan 2024

Alvina goes through each colour range with me thoroughly and I have a deeper understanding of how each colour works or don’t work for me. She is detailed and very patient and I definitely benefitted from her guidance. I now know what colour suit me and this will be a good guide for me for my future purchases. Thanks Alvina! (Skin Colour Analysis)

Linda Ong - 28 Feb 2024

The session is very informative to let me understand what additional colours I can actually try , on top of my usual colours. Alvina also gave very useful tips on makeup colours and shades that I might probably not tried if not for her advice. Definitely a recommended session. (Skin Colour Analysis)

Gwendolyn Wan - 22 Mar 2024

Alvina is very patient with the whole process of me finding my skin colour and explain all my questions with examples. She ensure that I understand how to choose the suitable colour for my clothes and make ups. She also gave example of some make up looks that are suitable for my facial features and colour. Highly recommend this service! (Skin Colour Analysis)

Anonymous - 25 Mar 2024

The experience has been very meaningful and enlightening. She taught me about colours and which suit me most, as well as how to see that. She also entertained various other questions that were not related to colour analysis, and answered me in a patient and pleasant way. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I am glad to say that I learned a lot. Thank you! (Skin Colour Analysis)

Screenshot 2024-04-13 at 4.35.48 PM.png

Gervin Tang - 30 Mar 2024

It was a very comprehensive session provided for me, allowing me to learn more of the colours that compliment well with my skin tone while also getting educated on what to avoid. Ms Alvina is also kind person, guiding me along the way and answering any inquiries. Overall, it was a fresh experience for me. (Skin Colour Analysis)

Teresa  - 31 Mar 2024

Before this session, I always thought that I am a cool tone person, and had assumed certain colours suits me. After today’s insightful session, I came to know that I fall under the Warm tone instead. Certain colours which I thinks that suits me was also confirm today, along with the discovery of other new suitable shades. Alvina explained the concept in how to identify the colours and tones that suits me, be it clothings or makeup. Definitely learnt something new today!

(Skin Colour Analysis)

Janice Ng  - 31 Mar 2024

I found this session online and I registered a session with my friend. It is a pleasure experience in my first colour analysis. Alvina is very attentive and she gave me a very detailed explanation on what colour/linen/jewelries and makeup colours that best suit to my skin tone. I find this analysis is quite worthy and it is beneficial to my knowledge on knowing myself. I am more confident to make right decision in my shopping purchases. 

(Skin Colour Analysis)

Adeline Wong - 4 Apr 2024

I had a great experience and am very excited with the knowledge acquired from the classes. Highly recommended! 

(Skin Colour Analysis & Body Shape Analysis)

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