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Vintage Collection

Red & white vintage A-line dress

This is a vintage-looking polka-dotted cotton fabric made into a slightly-flared dress that ends below the knee. I'm pairing it with white floral earrings, white belt with a little ribbon and shiny red ballet flats. 

If you want to up the vintage level, you can try dangling pearl earrings with matching pearl necklace for an English lady look. Or you can clip your hair on one side with a pearl-studded hair clip for a Shanghainese tai-tai look. 

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This is an English, vintage-looking floral fabric made into a knee-length A-line dress with a side zipper for ease of wearing. I paired this with a pearl choker and matching dangling pearl earrings for Chinese New Year before. 

If you are attending a dinner, you can try a pair of dangling diamond earrings and a simple silver clutch to match. 

English floral dress with black background

Grateful Dress

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