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How to Dress for National Day Tastefully

Have you been swamped by red and white yet? Yes, many shops are surrounding us with their ideas of how to dress for National Day, but how do you know you are dressing the best you can?

In this blog, I explore three ways of wearing our beloved national colours in ways that are more formal, tasteful and subtle, beyond the outlandish T-shirt touting approach.

Firstly, you can choose white as your base colour and simply use red as an accent to your overall look. An accent means to highlight or elevate a look. For a formal touch, you can have velvet or lace for your white dress, and then a little red sash or belt in another material.

The second method is to have one third of the outfit in white, and two thirds in red. This will create a sense of balance. To help achieve this, you can have palazzo pants for the bottom in silk or satin for a classy touch, and use the same material for a statement brooch on the blouse.

In this picture, the wine red shade lends a sophisticated look in place of the chilli red we are familiar with. Remember to choose a shade of red that suits you. If you need any help, just give me a tinkle at 81250498.

Finally, if you prefer something more wearable in the day should it turn hot and humid, a sleeveless halter-neck dress will not go wrong. For this ensemble, the accent is placed on the white buttons instead as a contrast to the red dress. The white will pop without stealing any attention away from the dress. Pair this with a white clutch and mules for a modern look, or a straw bag and hat for a tropical touch.

So, whether you have a dinner date on National Day or a sunny day out, we have you covered with these options. Remember, you can apply these tricks to other occasions too!

Happy National Day!

* All pictures are taken from the internet and are for reference purposes only.

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