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Cushioned by Grace

This title came to mind a few days ago and I was asking God, what do I write? He reminded me that I started blogging on this platform to record His faithfulness and testimonies of His goodness in this journey I'm on.

I just completed a bespoke dress for Grateful Dress' first official customer and looking back, the process has been one of humility and learning. It is counter-intuitive to speak of how much I have failed while making this piece, but if it can only glorify God all the more, I shall take the risk.

It took me three toile and several adjustments to get to this final dress. I could have simply traced the outline of a dress she passed me for reference, but I felt it was not a professional way of going about it. Thus, I put myself through the entire process of drafting, making paper patterns, sewing a toile and having fittings.

By the time the second toile still did not fit well, I was mightily discouraged by what I felt was my own incompetence. On top of that, I was questioning my ability to handle the customer service aspect of attempting a social enterprise. I began to wonder, am I doing the right thing?

It took a while, but God slowly healed me from the experience. And as she and I talked about what transpired, God gave us an honesty that can only be cherished. I shared about how I felt, only in a way made possible because we are friends. She gave me time to process my emotions and bring my thoughts together. She even encouraged me and blessed me generously.

And it was her magnanimity in spirit, word and deed that made me feel, God is so gracious to allow this to happen in this way. I have heard repeatedly that as a beginning entrepreneur, to "fail fast and fail early", so that we can quickly learn from our mistakes and therefore succeed sooner. God has shown me through this episode the areas I need to pay attention to and grow in. He has also granted the learning to be with a friend and not a stranger. Should this have occurred with someone I don't know, the outcome would have been likely quite different.

And thus, I conclude, that God in His sovereignty was in control of this situation and has lovingly turned it around for our good. Indeed, I have tasted of His grace through my friend, and since in grace, Grateful Dress has begun, in grace shall we continue to walk.

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