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Our special versatile wristlet for Teachers’ Day! 🥰

Measuring 19.5x11.5cm, it is padded and can be used to carry a handphone, cards, cash & coins when the teacher heads to the school canteen 🥰

The key fob comes with a key ring, which is super handy to keep the teacher’s multiple keys safe!

Remove the handle, it can be used to house items like sanitiser, tissue, pads, etc 😍

In view of time and limited hardware, only 30 pieces are available for Teachers’ Day 😍

If you are ordering for Christmas, simply indicate “Christmas” so that I can place the orders for the hardware for you 💕

Free shipping for orders above $80 till 31 Aug 2023! Code FS30 at checkout. Other fabric prints are available 😉

P/S There is only one piece for this print ❤️ I

Red Floral Versatile Wristlet


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