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Whether you are wondering what to wear for a romantic date or to bring across that executive presence at the boardroom, I am here to help. Beyond deciding what bag or shoes to go with an outfit, I would love to explore with you what your personality might be. We emanate and exude what is within us. In deciphering the real you, we will then be able to help you dress in a way that is most in sync with who you are, and yet adapt it according to the need of the occasion. 


If you like, we can go into more detail like how we can carry ourselves. Hence, it is not just about what we wear and use; it is how we speak, walk and present ourselves. Remember, we need not forgo ourselves, but we can make subtle changes to become more effective in our lives. Who wouldn't like that? 

Bespoke Styling

  • Mutually agreed upon. Full payment is needed to secure a slot.