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As we all come in different shapes and sizes, it is sometimes challenging to find something we fancy off the shelves. Therefore, it is paramount that we engage someone to help us analysis our body shape, skin colour and even face contour to determine the best silhouette for us. 


We also have our own habits and lifestyle preferences. Some of my customers prioritise comfort, while others the occasion. Whatever your need may be, it is my desire to help you be the most beautiful you. Come have a chat with me :)


Once you know what suits you best, you can bring this knowledge to your shopping or even apply it by having something tailored with me. If you choose to allow me the chance to serve you, there is a $20 from the designing fee that can be brought forward to the tailoring. 


Remember, there is healing in beauty - when we look good, we feel good. 

Bespoke Designing

PriceFrom S$51.00
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S$51.00every month until canceled
  • The fee of $60 is for one hour of consultation. You can choose to focus on one particular area as indicated in the variants, or you might want to design one outfit for an upcoming occasion. 

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