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Versatile Fabric Protector
Versatile Fabric Protector Set

Do you know that our masks are known as versatile fabric protectors? 

This means that you can place any filter of your choice into the mask, be it surgical, dust, or even pollen, etc. 

We first designed it with this flexibility to ensure that they can be used beyond the Covid period, in line with our philosophy of sustainability and longevity. As we use high quality quilting cotton, there is no fear of wearing it beyond its usable shelf-life. 

Each mask comes with a generous pair of elastic bands that you can adjust according to your preferred fit, and you can then hide the bands in the side enclosure of the mask. This way, you won't have something hanging by your ears. 

If you like, we can even custom-make a matching cover according to the dimensions you want, so that you can also use it for your monthly affair. 

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